OGP Flash 200 Automated Video Measuring Machine, S/N SVW2002648, New 2006.


Model Number
Flash 200
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SPECIFICATIONS: Measuring Range - 8" x 6" x 6"  Scale Resolution - 0.00004"  Table Load Capacity - 35 Lbs.  Motor Drives - DC Servos with 4-Axis Joystick Control  Zoom Lens - 12:1 AccuCentric Auto Calibration  Magnification Range - 32x to 280x Measuring Unit Dimensions - 30" d x 24" w x 27" h Weight, Approx - 200 Lbs (net)  Crated Shipping Weight, Approx 500 Lbs.  Equipped with:  Built-in Computer System  Windows XP Operating System Measure-X Version 3.05.40 Metrology Software  DC Servos with Variable Speed Joystick Color Camera  Programmable Smartring Light  New Keypad  New Mouse  Available Manuals  RECENTLY SERVICED AND CALIBRATED. REPORT AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW.