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  • Milltronics 8200-B Series CNC control
  • 12" LCD color display
  • Solid model graphic display
  • 1 GB program storage memory
  • DXF file import
  • Networking
  • Solid Box Way Construction
  • 8000 RPM spindle
  • X/Y axis metal way cover construction
  • Auto lubrication
  • CT40
  • 18/12 HP spindle motor
  • Spindle load meter
  • Spindle air purge
  • Flood Coolant
  • Rigid tapping
  • LCD hour meter
  • One year warranty



X axis travel                                                                       40" (1015 mm)

Y axistravel                                                                        20" (510 mm)

Z axis travel                                                                       24" (610 mm)

Table size                                                                           54" x 16" (1370 mm x 405 mm)

Allowable table load                                                            2500 lbs. (1130 kg)

T-Slot size                                                                          .63" (16 mm)



Spindle gage line to table distance                                       2"-26" (50-660 mm)

Column to spindle center                                                     21" (530 mm)

Spindle taper                                                                      ISO No. 40

Spindle speed (Std)                                                             8,000 RPM

Spindle speed (Opt)                                                            15,000 RPM

AC spindle motor (Std)                                                        18/12 HP (13/9 kW)

AC spindle motor (Opt)                                                       24/15 HP (18/11 kW)

AC spindle motor (Opt)                                                       24/15 HP (18/11 kW) 2 SpeedDelta/WYE

Spindle torque (Std w/8,000 RPM)                                       65 ft-lbs (88 N.m)

Spindle torque (Opt w/8,000 RPM)                                       85 ft-lbs (115 N.m)

Spindle torque (Opt w/8,000 RPM)                                       250 ft-lbs (339 N.m)



ATC Type                                                                           Carousel

Number of tools                                                                  24

Tool shank                                                                         CT40

Pull stud                                                                                                MAS 60° Retention Knob Style CT-Flange 40 Taper

Max. tool diameter                                                              3.5" (80 mm)

Max. tool length                                                                  6" (150 mm)

Max. tool weight                                                                 15 lbs. (7kg)



X/Y, Z axis rapid traverse rate                                             500/300 IPM (12/7.6 m/min)

Max. cutting feed rate                                                         300 IPM (7.6 m/min)

Positioning accuracy                                                           +/- 0.00039" (+/- 0.010 mm)

Repeatability                                                                       0.0002" (0.005mm)

Axis thrust force X/Y,Z                                                        3000/4000 lbs. (1360/1800 kg)



Machine Height                                                                   103" (2616.2 mm)

Floor Space Required (W x D)                                             129" x 82" (3276.6 x 2083 mm)

Machine Weight                                                                  8000 lbs. (3628 kg)

Power required w/ 18/12 HP                                                23 KVA / 60 amps

Power required w/ 24/15 HP                                                30 KVA / 80 amps

Voltage required                                                                 208-240 Volts / 3 Phase



The base, column, and saddle are composed of Meehanite cast iron, which includes very high dampening characteristics. The one piece base casting and column are stress relieved to ensure machine geometry is maintained throughout the life. Spacing of the solid box ways ensure optimal support for the table and saddle in full travel of each axis. Heavily ribbed castings provide superior dampening for high speed machining and aggressive milling. The mating surface of the base and column are hand scraped to optimize fit and machine geometry. The 54"x16" machine table is fully ground and hardened. 


The Y & Z-axis are hardened and ground square box ways with turcite on all axes. The ways are spaced to eliminate table pitch and deformation. The way surfaces on all three axes utilize gibs with easy adjustment to maximize rigidity and maintain geometry throughout the life of the machine tool.


The 8000 rpm spindle or optional 15,000 rpm cartridge style spindle is standard CT40. The permanently greased spindle bearings require no maintenance. The five 60 mm spindle bearings provide superior rigidity. The 15,000 rpm spindle includes ceramic bearings to help prevent thermal growth. The 8000 rpm and 15,000 rpm spindle is driven by a 18/12HP (13/9 kW) AC servo motor. Rigid tapping is standard. Spindle air purge keeps the spindle bearings free of foreign contamination.


Each axis is driven using a high precision, fully ground ball screw. Each ball screw is supported on each end using angular contact thrust bearings and are perfectly centered between the way surfaces. The axis ball screws are belt driven with AC servo type drive motors.


The 24 pocket carousel ATC provides reliable tool changes.


Automatic lubrication is provided to the way surfaces and ball screws with oil to eliminate wear. Way oil is delivered by metered valves, which precisely control the volume. A low oil-level alarm warns the user preventing possible damage to the way surfaces and ball screws.


The table chip guard is conveniently designed to allow the operator to easily remove the guarding. This convenience offers the best solution to chip and coolant containment in normal working conditions, and when an oversized work piece needs machining the guarding is easily removed allowing oversized parts to hang over the table.


The edit key enables protection of programs as well as parameters of the 8200-B CNC control. Removal of the key limits a user from loading programs and parameters such as work coordinates and tool offsets. With the edit key in the off position the data in the CNC control is available for editing.


  • Milltronics 8200-B CNC
  • 12" Color LCD display
  • Ethernet Connection
  • USB Port
  • Auxiliary Keyboard jack with keyboard
  • Offline FastCAM software for programming
  • User Definable Custom Macros
  • Feedrate and Spindle speed overrides
  • Spindle load meter
  • Edit key lock-out switch
  • LCD hour meter
  • Tri-color end of cycle warning light
  • Single spare "M" function with CNC wait channel
  • Rigid tapping
  • Spindle orientation
  • Remote Handwheel (MPG)
  • Work lamp
  • 8000 RPM 60 mm spindle
  • 18/12 HP (13/9 kW) spindle motor
  • High precision spindle with angular contact bearings
  • Cartridge spindle design
  • Spindle Air Purge
  • One piece Meehanite cast iron base
  • Fully ground 54" x 16" table
  • Fully Ground Box Ways on Y & Z axis
  • AC Servo motors belt driven to oversized ball screws on all axes
  • 32 mm ball screws on X, 40 mm ball screws on Y & Z axis
  • Double anchored ball screws
  • 500/300 IPM Rapid Traverse rate
  • Matched AC Servo Amplifiers on all axes
  • Telescopic metal way covers on X and Y axis
  • Removable table chip guard
  • Flood coolant system
  • Programmable spray mist
  • Coolant drip pan
  • Rear splash guards
  • Automatic metered way oil lubrication
  • Instruction manual, parts list, and electrical drawings
  • UL certified
  • Operator and maintenance manuals

Milltronics 8200-B Series CNC Control Features

  • 12" LCD color display
  • 2000 blocks/second high speed processor
  • Conversational programming
  • Fanuc based G&M Code programming
  • Inch/Metric Conversion / programming
  • Auto routines
  • User definable macros with trig assist
  • Custom Macro B
  • Irregular pocket clearing
  • Auto DXF file import
  • 3D part and wire frame tool path graphics
  • Solid Model Graphic Display
  • Optional four and five axis simultaneous interpolation software and interface
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Spindle load meter
  • Part counter display
  • 1 GB parts program memory
  • Networking
  • USB Port
  • Manual pulse generator
  • Coordinate rotating
  • Scaling
  • Mirror image
  • Helical interpolation
  • Feedrate and Spindle Override
  • Tool diameter and length offsets (199 total)
  • Tool Load Monitoring
  • 60 Work Coordinates (G540-G599)
  • G92 Coordinate system setting
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Ball screw pitch error compensation
  • Rigid tapping
  • Canned cycles including:
    • Drilling
    • Boring
    • Tapping
    • Facing
    • Pocketing with or without islands
    • Threading
    • Bolt hole pattern
    • 3D Pocket/Sweep
    • Text/Engraving
    • Tangent/Circle Generate
  • Subprogram Call-50 nested programs maximum
  • MDI
  • Background Editing
  • Program/Parameter protect