Electrical Discharge Machines

We offer a large selection of EDM machines with over 50 different models of EDM: Wire EDM,  ZNC and CNC sinker EDM, and simple ZNC small hole drillers all the way to full 6 axis CNC EDM small hole drillers. Along with 30,000 RPM High Speed Mills for both Graphite and Hardened Metals and high production Drill and Tapping Centers.

 We have a large section of New, Used and fully Refurbished EDMs from most EDM builders.Our Refurbished EDMs are offered complete with on-site training and limited warranties.

Wire EDM. The high precision linear motor Wire Cut,and lsolated Lower Arm design for highest machining accuracy and avoid water leakage when sealing worn out.

Sinker EDM. New generation powder edm with state-of-the-art tank efficiently separates powder and residual moreover maintaining the concentration rate improvings table sparking.

Drilling EDM. Drill small & deep holes on extra hard steel, alloy, metallizer,powder metallurgy and difficult metals.

High Speed Mills. High accuracy, application driven high efficiency with the utmost performance integration to be your complete solution for automation.

                          Tapping Centers. CNC tapping centers have unique PC based control, developed exclusively for a high speed tapping center.