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NEW Takumi VC0852 General Purpose, Vertical Machining Center

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About Takumi

Quality Design, Exceeding Expectations 

At Takumi we implement stringent processes to design and build rigid and reliable machining centers that will exceed our customers’ expectations. From our meticulous manufacturing processes, such as hand scraping contact areas, to the use of premium components, we infuse quality into each of our products.

Takumi has been exceeding customers’ expectations in Europe for 30 years. With our new comprehensive support network based in Indianapolis, we are ready to exceed your expectations.

Like us, you believe machine rigidity, reliability and proven control technology yields the greatest benefit to your business, so make Takumi your next CNC Machining Center Investment.

General Purpose, Vertical Machining Center

The Takumi VC0852 is a highly rigid 3 axis vertical machining center.  The VC0852 provides fast rapid traverse rates and a 12,000 rpm spindle. It is designed with pre-tensioned ballscrews that minimize thermal growth and improve accuracy. The VC series of machining centers has robust, precision machined castings. The larger work cube on the VC0852 provides more functionality for a variety of applications making it the perfect combination of fast cutting and high stability.

Machine Specifications



X, Y, Z -axis Travel

33.9" x 20.5" x 24"

Table Working Surface

39.4" x 20.5"

Table T-Slots

5 x .71" on 3.94"

Maximum Table Load

1,10 lbs.

Spindle Nose to Table

4.5" / 28.5"

Coolant Capacity

100 gallons

Floor to Table Surface




Spindle Taper

CAT #40

Spindle Speed

12,000 rpm

Spindle Motor Horsepower (peak)

20.1 HP @ 1,500 rpm

Spindle Motor Torque (peak)

70.8 ft. lbs.



Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y / Z

XY: 1,417 ipm / Z: 944 ipm

Max Programmable Feedrate

472.4 ipm

Positioning Accuracy (ISO-230 Method)


Repeatability (ISO-230 Method)




Number of Stations


Tool to Tool ATC Time

1.31 sec.

Tool Changer Type

Swing Arm

Maximum Tool Diameter


Maximum Tool Length




Maximum Floor Space (W x L x H)

195.2" x 147.4" x 122"

Machine Weight (approx.)

12,566 lbs.

Machine Shipping Weight (approx.)

13,029 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H)

116.4" x 84.7" x 122"

Voltage Required

200-240 VAC / 60 Hz

Power Rating / Full Load KVA

30 KVA

Air Requirements

5 CFM @ 85-115 psi

Standard Machine Features

  • »Heavily Ribbed Fine-Grade Cast Iron Frame Optimized with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • »12,000 RPM CAT 40, Belt-type spindle
  • »Direct Drive Z-axis for increased stability
  • »Direct-coupled ballscrews, for increased accuracy
  • »Hand-scraped contact areas
  • »Absolute Encoders for fast start-up
  • »Fast 1,417 ipm Rapid Traverse Rates (XY Axes) / 944 ipm (Z)
  • »24 Station ATC – Random Access
  • »1.31 sec. tool to tool time
  • »Work Light
  • »3-light indicator lamp
  • »4th Axis Prep
  • »Coolant Washdown System
  • »Chip Auger
  • »Centralized Automatic Lubrication System
  • »Manual Pulse Generator (MPG)
  • »Ethernet & RS-232C Interface
  • »Heat Exchanger
  • »Spindle Thermal Chiller
  • »Wash-down gun & Air Gun
  • »Fanuc 0i Series CNC Control
  • »Leveling bolts and pads
  • »Operator manuals

Fanuc 0i Series – Standard Control Features

  • AICC 2 Package with Jerk Control, Smooth Tolerance Control, Machine Quality Level Adjustment Function
  • 400 Block Look Ahead
  • 8.4” LCD Display
  • All Digital Servo Package
  • Memory 1280M (512K Byte) 1280 meters
  • 4 Simultaneously Controlled Axis
  • Least Input Increment .00001”, .0001 Degree, .0001mm
  • Fine Accel/Decel Control
  • Inch/Metric Conversion
  • DNC Operation
  • DNC Operation from Memory Card
  • Program Restart
  • Rapid Traverse Override 0%, 25%, 50% and 100%
  • Rapid Traverse Bell-Shaped Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Incremental Feed MPG x1, x10, x100
  • 1st and 2nd Reference Return
  • Nano Interpolation
  • Automatic Exponential G01 Feed Control
  • Feedrate Override From 0-120%
  • AI Advanced Preview Control
  • Memory Card Memory Input / Output
  • High Speed Skip Function
  • Tangential Speed Constant Control
  • Rapid Traverse Bell-Shaped Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Work Piece Coordinate System 48 pairs
  • Custom Macros #0-#99
  • Macro Common Variables #100-#199 and #500-#999
  • Embedded Ethernet