30" ST Industries (Scherr-Tumico) #22-2600 Optical Comparator, New 2011.


ST Industries
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Screen Diameter- 30" 
Size of Measuring Table- 8" x 35" 
Measuring Capacity: 
-Longitudinal Table Travel- 12" 
-Vertical Table Travel- 9" 
Cross Travel for Focusing- 3" 
Angular Measuring Capacity- 360 Degree Chart Rotation 
Helix Adjustment- Lamphouse Swivels Left & Right- 10 Degrees 
Allowable Workload on Table- 500 Lbs. (Approx.) 
Electrical- 1/60/115 Volt AC 
Floor Space: 50" L-R x 96" F-B x 80" High 
Estimated Shipping Weight: 2,000 Lbs. (Approx.)

Equipped with: 
Quadra Chek 200 Digital Readout Box
Q-Axis Angle Display 
Tungsten Halogen Projection 
Surface Illumination 
Single Lens Mount with choice of 10x or 20x Lens 

    - others may be available 
Power Table Travels 
Joystick Controls 
Overhead Visor w/ Curtains
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