12" MITUTOYO Model PJ-A3000 Bench Top Vertical Beam Optical Comparator, S/N 490111, New Approx 2005.


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Effective Screen Diameter - 12.4" 
Stage Travels - 8" x 4" 
Stage Size Overall - 14.8 x 9.7
Glass Insert - 11" x 7" 
Electrics - 1/60/110 Volt
Dimensions, Approx 23" x 30" x 44" 
Net Weight, Approx - 308 Lbs. 
Shipping Weight, Approx - 450 Lbs. 

Equipped with: 
2-Axis Measuring Stage with Glass Scales
Built-In XY Digital Readout  
Rotating Chart Ring with Digital Angle Display 
New Glass Crosshair Chart
Chart Clips
Quick Release for both X and Y Stage Travel 
Rotary Table Stage Fixture
Single Lens Mount with 10X Lens 
Built-In Surface Reflection 
2-Stage Brightness Switch 
24V, 150W Halogen Light Sources
Cooling Fan 
Light Visor
Users Manual